H5P activities list

ID Title Activity type View
1Worked example - monohybrid crossInteractive Video
2Summary of Mendelian Genetics which we have covered so far!Interactive Video
3Monohybrid Test CrossInteractive Video
4Video on Mendel's First LawInteractive Video
5History of Genetics and Molecular BiologyInteractive Video
6Dominant and Recessive AllelesInteractive Video
7Dihybrid CrossInteractive Video
8Dihybrid Test CrossInteractive Video
9Rules of ProbabilityInteractive Video
10Common terms and definitions in geneticsInteractive Video
12Probability and Blood GroupsMultiple Choice
14Mendel's 2nd LawInteractive Video
15Cell cycle and MitosisInteractive Video
16Cell Cycle and MitosisInteractive Video
17Mitosis - extended videoInteractive Video
18Mitosis vs MeiosisInteractive Video
19Mitosis fill in the blankFill in the Blanks
20Pedigree Charts - Mode of inheritanceInteractive Video
21ALSInteractive Video
22Pedigree summaryInteractive Video
23Summary pedigreeInteractive Video
24Complementation testInteractive Video
25Complementation testInteractive Video
26Molecular basis of dominanceInteractive Video
27Yeast cellsInteractive Video
28Somatic vs Germline mutationsInteractive Video
29Homo Hetero & HemiInteractive Video
30Types of dominanceInteractive Video
31Cases 1 & 2Drag and Drop
32HypomorphDrag and Drop
33inborn error of metabolismInteractive Video
34Epistasis TableCollage
35Chapter 1 Introduction TimelineTimeline
36Linkage RFsCollage
37Expt RFCollage