Chapter 10 Summary

The topics covered in this chapter can be summarized as follows:

  • Autosomes and sex chromosomes differ in that the former exist in pairs but the latter depends on the sex of the chromosome.
  • Pseudo-autosomal regions are regions on X and Y chromosome that can pair up and recombine.
  • Sex-linked genes are an exception to standard Mendelian inheritance. Their phenotypes are influenced by the type of sex chromosome system and the type of dosage compensation system found in the species.
  • Some of the examples of sex-linked genes are: white gene on the Drosophila’s X chromosome, TDF gene on Y chromosome, E/e gene on Z chromosome (birds).

For further interest, take a look at this video, X-Linked Genes: Patterns of Inheritance by Oxford Academic (Oxford University Press, 2017) on YouTube


Oxford Academic (Oxford University Press). (2017). X-linked genes: Patterns of inheritance (video file). YouTube.


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